How to relax or do sports in Cyprus

Probably, there are such magical people who are ready to go to the beach every day, even if, let’s be honest, these are not the best beaches in the city of Limassol. But I don’t know such people.

But what if, for example, you love the sea — to swim, admire it or just breathe its air, but do not like the crowds on the beaches and the water stirred up with sand by the coast? You can, of course, get in your car and go to some picturesque coast — it’s always a great idea. But there is another idea, which, in my opinion, is even more interesting. What is the most beautiful and atmospheric place in Limassol? Old city? — I agree. What else? In my opinion, this is a new marina (and an old port). And here we are getting close to the subject of this article.

Let me clarify that here we will talk not about those big expensive yachts that are in the first row at the pier, but about elegant, beautiful boats with masts and sails that modestly stand a little further, by the floating pontoons.

Well, here we come, we look at these beautiful boats and so what? This is some other world with its own laws — how can we get in? How will they meet us there?

I assure you, you will be greeted very warmly. The yachting community is very large, one might say global, but at the same time very tight. Newcomers are welcome here, yachtsmen are happy to share their joy from yachting, their experience, or even just a glass of wine or something stronger. And there are a lot of options in this world — anyone can find their own yachting: from a sportsman looking for interesting physical activity to a fan of relaxation and solitude.

The most accessible type of yachting is sports yachting. There is a wonderful Cyprus International Sailing Club in Limassol. By the way, the Cyprus Olympic Committee for two years in a row, in 2018 and 2019, recognized CISC as the best yacht club in the country. The club has a fleet of 6 sports Fareast 28R yachts and several cruising sailing yachts, and soon it is planned to increase the number of the fleet. For reference: the Fareast 28R is a modern racing yacht capable of 20 knots on full courses, it is not afraid of strong winds. The club holds regattas of various levels, from the in-club regattas to international ones, and most importantly — regular classes for both beginners and experienced members of the club. Taking part in such a class is probably the easiest and cheapest (from 50 euros) way to start sailing. There are also corporate regattas, team buildings, training courses.

I would like to talk more about teambuilding. I am sure that yachting is the best choice for such corporate events. Sailing races, where beginner teams and experienced skippers try to race with their rivals, is a great way to build a team!

But if you don’t like to race or love not only to race but also to relax, then there are all the possibilities for this.

Firstly, you can rent the entire yacht for several hours, all day or weekend. One of the most popular options is the so-called «sunset yachting». What could be more beautiful than sailing out a couple of hours before sunset and spending it at sea in the most romantic setting?

Taking pictures on the deck in the «golden hour», or maybe diving into the sea illuminated by gold, or just watching the sun going down? Conveniently, you can go to watch the sunset after the end of the working day, especially since on weekdays such trips are very, very affordable.

And if you take a yacht for half a day or, even for the whole day, then you can arrange a photoshoot, and practice sailing, both along Molos and going far into the open sea, anchor at Lady’s mile and dive from the yacht, set a table with delicacies and wine in the cockpit, dance on the deck or even sing songs with a guitar — everything is limited only by your imagination and safety requirements. For me, this is the best way to celebrate a birthday or other significant events!

Moreover, you can go out not with one yacht, but with two or a whole flotilla.

And if the weather permits, you can stay overnight at the anchorage and watch the stars the way you cannot see them even from Troodos. The yacht has double cabins, a well-equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, a stove and an oven, a WC, and a hot shower.

Full-fledged multi-day cruises in Cyprus are not very common as there are very few bays suitable for anchorage, and no islands that are situated close to each other. But you can sail to Capo Greco and Protaras or in the direction of Akamas. And also, as the borders open, it will be possible to go to Israel or Lebanon (a little more than a day). You can also sail to Turkey and/or the nearby Greek islands, such as Kastellorizo and Rhodes.

The main thing that you will have in the sea on a yacht, away from the bustle of the city, noise and crowded beaches is a feeling of freedom in complete comfort, the purest water for swimming, and the aesthetics of the open sea and sail! On the other hand, nothing beats the feeling of conquering the wind. In my experience, at least ¾ of those who have tried this sport or recreation fall in love with yachting and come back again and again.

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