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4 июля 2024 г.
13 июля 2024 г.

Aegean 600 regatta


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Aegean 600 regatta
О событии

Старт:Athens, Greece

Финиш:Athens, Greece

Aegean 600 regatta

History of the race
Organised by the Hellenic Offshore Racing Club (HORC) and a department of the Hellenic Ministry of Sports Development. It is organised under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism. The fourth international race will be held in 2024. The Aegean 600 regatta is Gold Level Clean Regatta Certification by Sailors For The Sea!
Moreover, HORC promotes important environmental initiatives to protect the environment and marine areas and organises seminars for the participants of the AEGEAN 600 Yacht Race.
Designed by yachtsmen for yachtsmen, in which sporting challenge meets the beauty of the Aegean islands

Regatta itinerary:

Start from Athens (Sounion ) - Island. Milos - Santorini Caldera Gate - Kassos, Karpathos and Rhodes islands - Candelousa on starboard side - Kos, Farmakonisi, Agathonisi and Patmos islands - Mykonos and Dilos Straits Gate - Kea island.
- Finish (Sounion)

The length of the route is 605 nautical miles non-stop (4 days non-stop).

Dates of the regatta: from 4th to 13th of July. Greece. Athens

Sport Yacht: Swan 42 "Lagertha" is one of the fastest yachts in her size. The yacht is sporty but habitable, with all the necessary amenities. The wardrobe of racing sails is huge, we can race in both doldrums and gales, at any angle to the wind! This boat is a regular and successful participant in regattas in the Mediterranean.

Club Swan 42
Length: 12.98 m
Width: 3.93 m
Draft: 2.70 m
Displacement: 7250kg
Staterooms: 3

the price of participation in the regatta includes:

- accommodation on the yacht during all days of the regatta;
- organisational fee (entree for the team's participation in the regatta);
- services of 2 professional skippers and a professional navigator;
- mooring fees in marinas;
- training in the basics of yachting;


3 July. Arrival, accommodation of participants.

4 July. Training

5 July. Training. Opening ceremony of the regatta.

6 July. Purchasing of products for the race. Rest

7 July. Start of the regatta

from 7 to 11 July in the race (4 days non-stop)

13 July. Closing ceremony. Awarding of teams.

14 July. Departure


  • 4 июл. 2024 г.

    4-5 July - training

    7-11 July - race

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