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10 ноября 2022 г.
13 ноября 2022 г.

Cyprus FAREAST 28R Winter Cup


Всего дней:4Гоночных дней: 4

Уровень команды

Любители, Новички

Уровень активности


Язык мероприятия

Русский, Английский
Cyprus FAREAST 28R Winter Cup
О событии

Старт:Limassol Marina St 3601, Limasol, Cyprus

Финиш:Limassol Marina St 3601, Limasol, Cyprus

Cyprus FAREAST 28R Winter Cup

Cyprus FAREAST 28R Series is a five-stage championship during wonderful and warm autumn, plus Final in end of April. 

Each stage is a 4-day sailing: a training session on the first day and three days of competitive racing.

Competitors will be racing on 10 FAREAST 28R One Design boats on the waters of Limassol bay.

The event is intended for experienced amateurs and professional sailors


A new set of NORTH SAILS — custom made for the 2021−2022 series.


Specially trained judges who make decisions on the water and may impose penalties during a race.


The well-organized event on the water is good, but the evening should be interesting too. Two parties and a tour of Cyprus are waiting for you.


Modern racing yachts that can reach speeds of more than 20 knots on downwind. The yachts are not afraid of strong winds and are ready to fly from 14 knots of wind.


  • 10 нояб. 2022 г.

    Cyprus FAREAST 28R Winter Cup

Место проведения

Limassol, Cyprus


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