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29 октября 2021
31 октября 2021
The 2nd Presidential International Yacht Races

The 2nd Presidential International Yacht Races


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The 2nd Presidential International Yacht Races
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Старт:İstanbul, Turkey

Финиш:İstanbul, Turkey

The 2nd Presidential International Yacht Races

The 1st Presidential International Yacht Races started to be organized in 2020 by Istanbul Open Sea Yacht Race Club under the auspices of the Presidency. Started in Istanbul on 29 October 2020 with the enthusiasm of the Republic Day, the 1st Presidential International Yacht Races were completed on 1 November 2020.

The 2nd Presidential International Yacht Races will have fast progress with great interest by national and international teams and will be held at two stages, namely in Muğla on 25-27 June 2021 and in Istanbul on 29-31 October 2021.

The winning team of the first stage will be awarded Halikarnas Cup and the winning team of the second stage will be awarded Cumhuriyet, Mavi Vatan, and Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa Cups, respectively, while the winner of the general ranking will be presented the Presidential Cup.

It is aimed that the “2nd Presidential International Yacht Race”, which is planned to become one of the most reputable events among sea sports, will serve the global promotion of our country.


  • 29 октября, 2021

    1st stage, which will start on October 29, Republic Day, Cumhuriyet Cup (Bosphorus). During the Istanbul stage, the audience at Galataport Istanbul Racing Village and on the shore will have the chance to watch the event more closely than ever before. The Istanbul stage will end with a magnificent award ceremony on October 31st.

  • 30 октября, 2021

    2nd stage Mavi Vatan Cup Prince Islands Istanbul

  • 31 октября, 2021

    3rd stage Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha Cup Caddebostan Istanbul


Место проведения

The Istanbul stage will be hosted by Galataport Istanbul on the dazzlingly beautiful Bosphorus under the name of "The city living on two continents".



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