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МодельOpen 65

Год выпуска2001


Спальные места10

Яхта: Cometa Open 65, карбон, самая большая racing machine на Кипре!



This carbon-fiber, epoxy built Maxi racer is featuring a sail area-to-displacement ratio that’s nearly off the charts. With an adjustable keel (canting keel), rotating mast, and forward daggerboards, Cometa is one of the marvels of the Open Class, which fosters enhanced performance through design freedom and innovation.

Open 60s of this variety are designed for pure speed over relatively short distances. Designed by Maurizio Cossutti, Cometa sports 2,905 square feet of upwind sail area, but displaces a mere 16,500 pounds, including a 7,000-pound adjustable keel. That gives this carbon-fiber and epoxy vessel a sail area-to-displacement ratio that’s nearly off the charts, somewhere in the high 50s, depending upon how much mainsail roach you care to calculate.


Для спорта


Генакер,Спинакер,Мачта/гик карбон